7 Side Effects of Masturabation in Female Daily in Islam

1. Physical and mental imbalances

Excessive masturbation can lead to mental and physical imbalances. If a person forgets other elements of life if they are busy with them. They create addiction, experience guilt, and lower self-esteem.

2. Guilt or shame

Societal or cultural beliefs about masturbation might lead to feelings of guilt or shame in some individuals, impacting their mental well-being.

3. Back pain

Back pain as a result of excessive masturbation. There is aching and pain in the area around the pelvis and the pelvic muscles contract.

4. Decreased libido levels

People who are addicted often complain about the quality of their sex life. Additionally, they have reduced libido levels, and excessive ejaculation makes bedtime sexual encounters boring.

5. Psychological trauma

A person may feel guilty based on culture, religion, and spiritual beliefs, and some may consider it immoral, wrong, and dirty. It is better to confide in someone close to you or talk to a sexologist if you feel scared.

6. Harmful during pregnancy

Hormonal alterations result from infertility or pregnancy. A woman may begin masturbating when she feels the need for sex. Pelvic pain can happen during an orgasm as well as after. Pregnant women enjoy releasing their sexual tension, which can put too much pressure on the uterus and damage it. Thus, it is best to refrain from masturbating when expecting. Masturbation is not safe for women who are prone to high-risk pregnancies. An orgasm may result in changes to labor.

7. Effect of female masturbation on ovulation

Ovulation occurs when an egg is also released from your ovary. The fallopian tube is where the egg “waits” to be fertilized. This egg will implant in the uterus and become pregnant if the sperm cells successfully fertilize it. The egg travels through the vagina if it is not fertilized. Ejaculation often occurs as a result of orgasm in men with erectile dysfunction. It is the secretion of semen, which is necessary for fertilization and contains sperm cells. Quora

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