How Many Pages Are in The Quran

You can’t say for sure. The Quran is not specific on the Pages. It’s specific on number of verses, chapters, books.

how many pages are in the Quran? The number of pages in the Quran is 604. This number is standard in the Arabic Quran. It may differ in the translated Quran versions.

How long does it take to Finish Quran?

If the reader has an excellent reading pace, Quran can be recited in 10 hours. Readers with incredible pace can complete the task in less time. Those with an average pace will need 18 hours. The most time-consuming may take 40 hours or more.

549 pages in the 16-line Quran

604 pages in the 15-line Quran

Quran ayat (Verses)6,236
Quran Surah (Chapters)114
Quran para (Books)30

There should be about 8,815 lines. In my mushaf there’s 15 lines on every page including the name of the Surah and the bismillah that are on some pages. And there are 604 pages in this mushaf but the first two pages, surah fatihah and the first page of surah baqarah, are different so we won’t count them. So 15 times 602 is 9,030. There are 114 Surahs so that means there are 227 lines that don’t count because they are names of the Surahs and bismillahs (114 times times 2 = 228 minus 1 because surah tawbah has no bismillah = 227). So 9,030 – 227 = 8,803. Then add the lines of fatihah and the first page of baqarah which is 12 in my mushaf. 8,803 + 12 = 8,815. I have two full Arabic Qurans and this math applies to both of them.

Quran Reading by Pages

If you read a page of the Qur’an every day, it will take you 604 days to finish a Mus’haf. That’s 1 year and approximately 7 months.

Quran Memorization Techniques

Therefore, if I memorize 3 lines per day I should memorize the whole Quran in about 8 years. Because 8,815 lines divided by 3 = 2,938. Then 2,938 divided by 365 (days in a year) = 8.


In Which Month Was The Holy Quran Revealed?

The Holy Quran was revealed in Ramadan.

Can I memorize Quran by myself?

Yes you can

How to complete Quran in 20 days?

In 20 days , you need to read in average 312 verses, and allocate 4-5 hours a day, should you want to complete the Quran.

Can I learn Quran in 1 year?


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