Sex Positions Banned in Islam

There is no specific status that the Shari’ah defines as the “correct” status. However, some scholars have mentioned that intercourse with the wife can be done in a normal position (man on top of the woman) or lying or sitting on the side or from behind but in the state of entering it through the vagina. All these positions are allowed. Similarly, it is permissible for a woman to be on top of a man during sexual intercourse. source

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There is nothing in the Shari’ah that prohibits these postures provided the following conditions are met:

  • The couple should cover themselves with a large sheet or blanket so that even though they are naked, the sheet or blanket covers them. They should not be completely exposed.
  • Also remember that insertion into the anus is absolutely forbidden.
  • Oral sex should also be avoided.

Sex in Islam what is not allowed

Here are some key points regarding sexual conduct that are not allowed in Islam:

  1. Adultery (Zina)
  2. Homosexuality
  3. Incestuous relationships
  4. Bestiality
  5. Obscene and lewd behavior
  6. Pornography and indecent material
  7. Mutual respect and consent
  8. Menstruation and post-childbirth period
  9. During fasting hours in Ramadan


sex styles allow in islam

All these positions are allowed.

Is sex haram in Islam after marriage

Sexual relations in a marriage that are done by mutual love and mutual enjoyment are indeed halal

sex positions banned in islam images

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