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The word Zakat is mentioned thirty-two (32) times in the Quran. In thirty mentions of the thirty-two, Zakat is mentioned with its technical meaning of paying Zakat. Among these thirty mentions, Zakat has been interlinked with Salah, the obligatory prayer, twenty-eight times. This interlinking in the Quran highlights the connection between the first, second and third pillar of Islam.

What is Zakat

Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam, and whoever denies its obligation is a disbeliever. Its main objective is to help the poor, to share the wealth of the rich in social welfare, and to provide livelihood to the deserving people.

ALLAH Says in The Holy Quran

آیت 43: وَاَقِیْمُوا الصَّلٰوۃَ وَاٰتُوا الزَّکٰوۃَ

اور نماز قائم کرو اور زکوٰۃ ادا کرو

Beneficiaries of Zakat

There are 8 categories of people who are the beneficiaries of zakat which are mentioned in the Quran Kareem.

  • The Poor
  • The Needy
  • Administrators of Zakah
  • Those inclined to Islam 
  • Captives seeking freedom
  • Debtors 
  • For the cause of Allah 
  • Wayfarers 


There are two types of Zakat that Muslims are obligated to pay: Zakat Al-Mal, or Zakat on Wealth, and Zakat Al-Fitr, the Zakat of Fast-Breaking, for the completion of the fasting month of Ramadan.

zakat al fitr

Zakat al-Fitr, or the Zakat of Breaking the Fast of Ramadan, is the special obligatory alms paid by all Muslims at the end of the Ramadan fasting month.

Zakat al-Mal (on wealth)

Zakat Al-Mal is commonly referred to as “Zakat” by most Muslims. It is Zakat that Muslims are required to pay annually on wealth that includes: currency, gold, silver, and property. It considers your comprehensive net assets (total wealth). The amount of Zakat Al-Mal that each Muslim owes will vary because it is 2.5% of net wealth that a person holds for a year.

  • gold
  • Silver
  • Cash
  • salary
  • property
  • Diamond

Zakat Calculator in Pakistan

Zakat on old

Zakat should be calculated at 2.5% of the market value as on the date of valuation (Lunar date). Most Ulema favour the Market Value prevailing as on the date of Calculation and not the purchase price.

Zakat on Property

If you have purchased the space to sell it, Zakat is obligatory on it.

Zakat on Silver

Zakat is to be paid on Silver in Pure form or Jewellery, Utensils, Decorative items and all household items including crockery, cutlery made of silver at 2.5% of the prevailing market rates.

Zakat on Cash

Zakat should be paid at 2.5% on all cash balance and bank balances in your savings, current or FD accounts. The amount technically should be in the bank for one year. Usually, it happens that the balance keeps on changing as per personal requirements.
You may make your best judgment and the best way is to pay on remaining amount on the day of calculation

Zakat on Salary

With regard to his monthly salary, he has to pay zakah on whatever he saves from it, after one year has passed.

If your friend does not save anything from his salary, he does not have to pay zakah on it.

zakat on rental property

Zakat on Diamond

There is no Zakat on diamonds or colored gemstones when one owns them as ornaments or decorations in normal quantities and not in measures of recognized extravagance, or in forbidden forms, or for prohibited uses. By far, women’s jewelry accounts for their most common Zakat exemption.

Masarif e Zakat in Urdu

اللہ تَعَالٰی نے اپنے پاک کلام ميں آٹھ مصارفِ زکوٰۃ بيان فرمائے ہيں:

اِنَّمَا الصَّدَقٰتُ لِلْفُقَرَآءِ وَ الْمَسٰكِیْنِ وَ الْعٰمِلِیْنَ عَلَیْهَا وَ الْمُؤَلَّفَةِ قُلُوْبُهُمْ وَ فِی الرِّقَابِ وَ الْغٰرِمِیْنَ وَ فِیْ سَبِیْلِ اللّٰهِ وَ ابْنِ السَّبِیْلِؕ-

ترجمہ کنزالايمان: زکوٰۃ تو انہيں لوگوں کے لئے ہے محتاج اور نرے نادار اور جو اسے تحصيل کرکے لائيں اور جن کے دلوں کو اسلام سے الفت دی جائے اور گردنيں چھوڑانے ميں اور قرضداروں کو اوراللہ کی راہ ميں اور مسافر کو ۔(التوبۃ:۹ / ۶۰)

علامہ ابو الحسن علی بن ابی بکر مرغينانی رَحْمَۃُ اللہِ تَعَالٰی عَلَیْہِ متوفی ۵۹۳ھ فرماتے ہيں،(الأصل فيہ قولہ تَعَالٰی : (اِنَّمَا الصَّدَقٰتُ لِلْفُقَرَآءِ وَ الْمَسٰكِیْنِ) الآيۃ، فہذہ ثمانيۃ أصناف، وقد سقط منھا المؤلفۃ قلوبھم،لأن اللہ تَعَالٰی أعزّ الإسلام وأغنی عنھم) وعلی ذلک انعقد الإجماع (والفقير من لہ أدنی شيئ، والمسکين من لا شيء لہ) وھذا مروي عن أبي حنيفۃ رحمہ اللہ؛ وقد قيل علی العکس.

يعنی، مصارفِ زکاۃ ميں اصل (دليل)اللہ تَعَالٰی کا فرمان ہے، زکوٰۃ تو انہيں لوگوں کے لئے ہے محتاج اور نرے نادار (کنزالايمان) ، تو يہ آٹھ مصارف ہيں اور ان مصارف سے اَلْمُؤَلَّفَةِ قُلُوْبُهُمْ، يعنی، جن کے دلوں کو اسلام سے الفت دی جائے، ساقط ہوگيا کيونکہاللہ تَعَالٰی نے اسلام کو عزّت بخشی اور ان لوگوں سے غنی فرماديا اور اسی پر اجماع ہے۔ فقير وہ ہے جس کے پاس ادنی چيز ہو اور مسکين وہ ہے جس کے پاس کچھ بھی نہ ہو، يہ فرمان امام اعظم ابو حنيفہ رَضِیَ اللہُ تَعَالٰی عَنْہُ سے مروی ہے، جبکہ (فقير و مسکين کی تعريف ميں) اس کے برعکس بھی فرماياگيا۔


how many times zakat is mentioned in quran

32 times

Zakat is payable on silver

52.5 tolas

Zakat in islam

Zakat is the 3rd pillar of Islam

Zakat is payable on gold

7.5 tolas

Who are not entitled to get Zakat?

Parents, Husband, wife and children

can zakat be given to non muslims?

Zakat is not obligatory on an unbeliever.

Person who is liable to pay Zakat is called?


When Zakat became Farz? zakat kab farz hui?

Zakat became compulsory during the 2nd year of hijrah but its complete system was imposed in the year of 8th hijrah.

How much Zakat do you pay?


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